European Digital Advocacy Summit #EDAS2014

Yesterday I participated in the European Digital Advocacy Summit, an event organised by the Public Affairs Council. I suppose it was meant to function as an inspirational kick-off event for public affairs professionals (lobbyists) who we’re thinking of using online/social media as part of their tool box. In any case there was a lively Twitter […]

Garden projects

I have to give it to the man. You only have to dream things out loud once and he starts executing. In January I made the mistake of mentioning that I’d have to buy a car when I moved home, and when after months of discussion with no real opinion as to the model on […]

First weekend as resident Dane

I arrived in Aalborg airport on Thursday evening, quite tired after the long trip and the previous evening’s festivities. My stuff had arrived on Wednesday and so Friday was spent going through the boxes and trying to divide them into thematic piles related to the content and which part of the house they will live […]