First weekend as resident Dane

I arrived in Aalborg airport on Thursday evening, quite tired after the long trip and the previous evening’s festivities. My stuff had arrived on Wednesday and so Friday was spent going through the boxes and trying to divide them into thematic piles related to the content and which part of the house they will live in. Some of my furniture will go to a yard sale, but I was delighted that Claus helped me fix the old kitchen cupboard that I bought via (great place, btw). The shelves are stable and the hinges have been oiled – and as a bonus we found space for it in the dining room. It now contains all our board games and the children’s games.

I also went into Randers to register with the Citizen Service. That went pretty easy, I just had to show ID and fill out a form, and I only had to wait about 10 minutes for my turn. Luxury compared to the Commune d’Ixelles! I also tried to locate the pharmacy, which was a bit of a struggle. Unlike Brussels, Danish cities do not have a pharmacy on every corner. In the end, with some help from a friendly local, I found it. Phew.

I felt brave and followed the sign to Randers Tourist information (I thought it might be a good investment to get to know my new hood), but never found it. It would seem signposting in Randers has some similarities to Brussels. Randers is the 6th city in Denmark – after Copenhagen, Aarhus, Odense, Aalborg and Esbjerg – with a whopping 61.000 inhabitants according to Wikipedia.

Over the weekend I have unpacked my toiletries and clothes, and most of my kitchen stuff. I am trying to reorganise the kitchen so it is more practical, which takes some time. Everything needs to be labelled as the grandparents of the children often come and pick them up from school and cook a few times per week.

Sports gear is in a pile in the hallway and all my books and files are still in their boxes in the living room. To be dealt with ASAP.

I need to register with the unemployment office today and there is also lots to do in the greenhouse before I pick up the kids. I have my first tuck-in duty tonight, so best get going!

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