Garden projects

I have to give it to the man. You only have to dream things out loud once and he starts executing. In January I made the mistake of mentioning that I’d have to buy a car when I moved home, and when after months of discussion with no real opinion as to the model on my side, I finally settled on an old Saab (because that’s what my parents drove when I got my license), he was so relieved he went and got it for me before I changed my mind. I therefore now drive a midnight blue Saab 9.3 from 1998. I have named her Queen Silvia after the Swedish queen, who also keeps her head high in spite of … Well, let me not get into discussions about the Swedish royal family.

Anyway, the same goes for the garden. Last year he built me a greenhouse, I believe it was a sort of bait to make me move home to Denmark. Dare I mention that he also made a beer well in said greenhouse? There’s a tiny cellar where you can fit in cans of beer and keep them at 8 degrees Celsius year round. Totally worked, as you can tell.

This year I have been put to work in the greenhouse, and I have to say I much enjoy being able to grow my own herbs. Especially the idea of having unlimited access to fresh Thai basil, coriander and Moroccan mint all summer makes me very happy, as I haven’t come across many grocery shops with that sort of herbs yet. Actually the mint has already left the greenhouse (it became too big for its pot) and I have planted it under the verandah facing south. I imagine it will spread like crazy and you can spend the warm summer days picking mint leaves from atop the verandah to make fresh mojitos… and the lovely smell of mint will be everywhere!

Besides that, this year’s big project is building a shelter and a big fireplace in the garden. The parts for the shelter arrived yesterday and the man has called in assistance for the putting together bit this weekend. It’s meant to be warm and sunny, so I am looking forward to getting my hands dirty… again.

The man says the key to a healthy relationship is one big project every year. But I try not to dream out too loud because we’ve already got projects lined up for the next 5 years I think.

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